You love you feel happy

Hi Kids,

Clarify a misconception – there is no GOD otherwise why God not stopping bad things happening.

The God created the world and people. In order to have a dynamic world, he gives everything a chance to make a choice.

People can make choice to do what he may like to do. Then he set up the law “Cause and Effect” to reward people doing good things and punish those doing bad things. Bad causes will get bad effects reflected back to the doers.

For example, in our home town Inner Mongolia, we saw the son beaten his father. The son’s son in return beaten the son since he know his father was rough to his grand father, so he do the same to his father in rough.

You touch fire, and it burns you. You love you feel happy.

It is very important to understand this.

Love you


FCF sharing his religious wisdom on Christmas Day. Happy Holidays!

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