You have to bond yourself to something bigger than just yourself

Hi kids,

Here is a photo of your Yeye 爷爷 (grandfather) in1986 when I married your Mom, backing the home in Inner Mongolia.

Your Yeye is a man who lived with strong principles and bonded him self firmly to his family – his brothers (his uncle, his mom, your 大爷爷,your 三爷爷, his sister, of course his children).

He had a strong mission to revive the family, form a connecting link between the preceding generation to the following generation. He fulfilled his family obligations tirelessly.

He got happiness from his family, and his family obligations. Whenever his children doing good, he got happiness, and proud. He also share his happiness with his brothers and sister.

In fact, this is how people get happy life. You have to bond yourself spiritually, emotionally and materially to something bigger than just yourself. Particularly, you need to bond to your family strongly. That is the way to get happiness and life foundation. Otherwise, if someone does not bond to anything than himself, then his/her life does not have strong foundation and  very easy to get hurt, feel lonely, and lost drive. Self-centered people has hard life and in fact get least from the world.

Your 大爷爷 is an another good example. He had a happy long life because he bonded himself strongly to his family.He was very satisfied that he did good contribution to help his brothers when they were young and at his father passed away.

Love your

FCF's Father

FCF’s Father

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