You are now depends on yourself for the next steps

Those unlucky people may be in fact mainly due to not work hard enough, or did not catch the opportunities they had, or did not manage their live correctly, for example, they could not save money when they had the money, so they cannot live in a sustainable way.

Those lucky ones may be largely due to they work hard, made their choices in a smart way, and caught the opportunities they had, or they saved their resources and invest smartly. They were diligent and did not miss the most important opportunities and made good foundation in the beginning. We can say that you guys have the good foundation, that are good schools, you did well in schools, you went to a top university in US and graduated with good results.

You are now depends on yourself for the next steps. No matter how you did before, that can only be a foundation and cannot be a replacement for your necessary effort now and future. You have to keep working hard, be practical making choices, and smart not wasting opportunities or resources what you have. You have to manage your life effectively in a sustainable way. Invest your time and money wisely, not waste them with little or no return.

Best luck to you
Love you


FCF felt it necessary to follow up on his last email. The thought of his children digging through “garbage piles to find food, and other things” really has him worried.

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