Treasure what you have

Hi Kids,

I went to the city center of Bel Horizonte this afternoon. The Bel Horironte is the 6th largest city of Brasil. My hotel is 3 km to the center of the city. The area around the hotel is a good neighborhood.

In the center of the city I walked for half hour. I thought I would find a good restaurant and then go back to hotel. However, I found the street is not nice. I did not see a good restaurant and garbage piles every 30 m in the street.

I noticed people digging the garbage piles to find food, and other things. So the piles are messy since each garbage piles turned over many times. Attached as a photo I took.

You guys should know how luck you are and how many people are not luck in the world. You should treasure what you have and do not waste any resources you have to put good use and future use. You should work hard and study hard to accumulate your capability for a good future life. If not work/study hard anybody could run into this difficulties. Nothing is granted permanently to you.

I also see a lots rich people. too and nice houses.

Love you



This little ditty from faraway Brazil helped put things back in perspective after a long week at work and school. Thanks, Dad.

I treasure many things, my Fortune Cookie Father is at the top of the list.

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