Practice good life skill and quality

Hi Kids,

I want love you guys with truth. I do not want “love without truth”.

Then this means I need to remind you all the time to practice good life skill and quality.

1. Practice all the time, to be honest, never lie to anybody, never lie to your parents, never cheat people. 

2. Be thankful to people who helped you, thankful to God who give you the opportunities, lucks, health, family, all those things that you really have no control. Have a good heart.

3. Work hard, never to be lazy,

5. With objective views to all things around you, data, information, etc. Do not let your emotion to blind you from the truth, true picture of the matter.

6. Treat money like Jews, always try to do things economically, never waste, keep you money for higher priority use.

7. Always improve your behavior and always drop/cut off bad habits. Be safe and take care for good health.

8. Do not drink much, Drunk is not nice, but silly, and ugly.

Love you


A little bit of Father’s Day wisdom for you from Fortune Cookie Father at his best.  

Show your fathers some love. I hope you all have a great day! 

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