People are all the same, only looking and language are different

Hi kids,

I noticed the people in Brazil is very diversified – black, italian like, spain like, Japanese, Mixed-europine-aboriginal. However they are all treated equally among them. I got three young fellows work with me. One Japanese guy (married), Italian-decedent (Married  cooking all time home), and Portugul-Aboriginal-mixed decedent. They are all good people, very honest, hard work, natural oriented people. They are no difference to a good Chinese fellow. They eager to learn technology from me and treat me respectfully, driving me around and find good restaurant to eat together with me. I teach them as much as possible. I found the people are all the same in terms of the view of the basic value, only looking and language are different.

Friday night and Saturday night I will stay in Sao Paulo, the largest city in S. America (20 Million people including suburbs).

Love you guys

Fortune Cookie Father’s photo from “150k people mining town” in Brazil


Fortune Cookie Father is currently in Brazil on a work trip. When he isn’t teaching young fellows about technology or driving around looking for good eats, he likes to play a social anthropologist, apparently. 

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