Money is an intelligent animal

Hi Kid,
Like to share a philosophy with you. Money is an intelligent animal.

It seems having feeling and is often with correct response.If you use (treat) it wisely, it generates good effect on you, help your good cause, make you happy in a healthy way (happy in a long term), and tends to come to you again willingly.

If you use it carelessly (abuse it), it generates bad effects on you, effectively hurts you or bad for you in one way or another, and it will escape from you quickly and does not want to come to you again easily.

It not necessarily wants you to keep them tight or not let it go all the time, but it want you to let it to play good role and help you.

Hope you have a good understanding to its character and be a good friend of it. You will treat it wisely and it will help you wholly and effectively.

Love you


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