Life lessons… from toothpaste

Hi Son,

Last night before going bed, I found that there is no toothpaste and I went to your bath room to get your toothpaste. Your toothpaste was nicely capped and was different from what you normally had before. The toothpaste was nice soft and easy to squeeze out. I remembered that the toothpaste you guys used left uncapped and hard to squeeze out.

A little improvement, but immediately shows nice effect. It is important and nice to achieve that small improvement. There are many small things in life, little by little improvement makes big difference in your life. Keep improving, you will benefit from it a lot. Your life can be changed / improved. Many big achievement can be done through accumulation of such small improvement.

Actually, going through schools for 16 years from primary to tertiary is a process of improving. Of course, going to school cannot finish all you need. You have to keep improving after the school and all the time long.

Love you


FCF shared with me this email he sent to my brother. Coincidentally, I happened to be out of toothpaste. Thanks for the reminder, Dad. 

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