Greetings from Rio: a 1st class world tourist place

Rio is a large version, a more featured with landscaping (steep mountains – some like Yosemite rocks), Corcovado hill where the Jesus statue sited on the top, another one is called sugar leaf – very steep. Then several beaches like Hawaii and Cancun. Rio has 6 million population. It is a 1st class world tourist place.

I went swimming this morning for 45 minutes. My hotel is on the beach. I walked there with my swimming short and a room key, after swimming I walked back to my room took a shower. I went to lunch in a Chinese restaurant where the waiter was Victor a Brazilian man about 45 years old. He is very nice and talked with me about his work and his family. He said he works in this restaurant two shifts a day. He finish at 3:00pm and come back 7:00pm again to 11:00pm.

He is very kind to offer me a lift with his motorcycle to drop me to the station of the train that goes up to the Corcovado top to visit the Jesus statue. I judged Victor is a reliable and safe person. He told me he would find a safety helmet for me to ride his motorcycle to pick me at the hotel front door. His restaurant is only 100 m from my hotel. I had a very good Chinese lunch and also gave him a large tip to acknowledge his left. Then as promised he picked me up with a helmet for me from the hotel and he took me to the train station for 20 minute. While he took me to the station he told me when it rains he drive his car and when good weather he rides motorcycle. He seems have a typical middle class life.

and unfortunately the train ticket was sold out for all except the last one at 7:30pm. Then I felt too later, then Victor found small tour buses and I paid 6$ more than the train and also safe. I took the small bus to the hill. Unfortunately, the fog was heavy we could not see the Jesus statue. People just wait on the bench of the foundation of the Jesus feet. We could not see the whole city bird view. Otherwise we would see the whole Rio’s view. After 6pm, it was raining and I waited on the queue for the bus and finally I took the small bus down to the bottom of the hill and changed to another bus, then another bus to the hotel.

Tomorrow, I will swim again. The sea water is great, no big waves, very comfortable to swim. The if the sky is clear, I may go to the top of the sugar leaf hill. They told me that the view is great from the top of the sugar leaf.

Be safe and talk to you later.
Love you


Fortune Cookie Father sends his love and an incredibly detailed account of his day in Rio de Janeiro.

Getting on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle in a foreign land is very uncharacteristic of my “safety first” father, but it’s nice to know the man has a few surprises up his sleeves. 

Something less surprising: he wouldn’t be my Fortune Cookie Father if he didn’t seek out a Chinese restaurant. I like to think the comforting Chinese-Brazilian meal helped him put down his guard. 

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