Fundamental good values

Dear Kids,

I came to Santiago Sunday. Today I spent a whole day in Chile office to prepare the trip to Antofagasta north of Santiago for about 2 hours fly.

I stay in the Best Western Premier with a young colleague from Columbia. I met him in the office today and he is participating the training in Santiago for a week. I give a part of the training in modeling tomorrow. After work today I invited him to dinner with me to a seafood restaurant. He was happy to go with me. We called a taxi. I do not have cash and he paid the taxi going to the restaurant and backing to hotel. I refreshed my memory that the taxi driver in Chile do not take any credit card.

We had good seafood dinner. The food and service was great. I paid the food bill for both of us. During the meal, he told me he is 25 years old and worked for (workplace omitted) immediately after his university study, now 3.5 years. He did mining and metallurgy bachelor degree at Columbia. His father is a chemical engineer working for government as environmental officer. His mother is a primary school teacher. He said that his father also has a farm since he likes animals, plants, and the farm atmosphere. He has three brothers and his is the third child, he has a sister who is oldest. He also said he is prepare for wedding next January, for rings, dressings, and an apartment, etc. He meets his girl friend every weekend.

He told me that this is his first oversea travel. His family is very proud about his this oversea travel. He also repeatedly said “I love my family very much, that is my life.” He struggles with his English, but he can make himself understood. He sincerely thanked me for the dinner. I got very good impression about him. He is so naturally nice and holds the most fundamental good values that are the same as the good people from my hometown – Inner Mongolia or any other places no matter how advanced or how backwards (undeveloped), rich or poor.

Next January, I am planning to go to Columbia to work for a project for a week. He will work with the project, too. Certainly, I will be glad to teach him and work together with this young man.

Love you


Fortune Cookie Father’s on the second leg of his South American tour. Columbia = Colombia.

Please also note that Fortune Cookie Father points out about his colleague, “He struggles with his English, but he can make himself understood.” I’m pretty sure my dad doesn’t know the word for this, but it is called irony.

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