Enjoy the nature with peaceful mind, and relaxed

Hi Kids,

some ideas is useful.

My best ideas for my work or sovling complex blast modeling problems were jumped into my mind when I was working in our backyard garden, watching animal world, walk down the hill in the north side of office enjoying the mountain view and looking the cows and horses in the fields around work.

The nature has abundant nutritions to nurish your body, mind and spirit. The key is being calm down, enjoying the nature with peaceful mind, and relaxed. That is why play golf, hiking, and skiing are good activities to participate. You are a part of the nature, so enbraceing the nature will simply make you happy and healthy, being capable to visualize, think through, capture most important aspects of your life.

Please remember, 99% of time people is under unnecessary anger, fear, anxiety, causing quick or improper response or actions. People often misses or does not thinkg through important things.

Hope you will develop the best for your life, always happy, donot get lost.

Love you


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