When baby lions are small, the parent lions keep them in a safe place

Hi kids,
Last night I watched lions in Animal Planet Channel. When baby lions are small, the parent lions keep them in a safe place and they are not allowed to go much outside there. When they gradually grow up with more capability to depend, the parents allow them to go little further away from the cave and also start to teach them to hunt. In the beginning, the baby lions cannot catch food and have to rely on the parents feeding them. Gradually, they can catch some food, but still have to follow their parents and get supplement food from the parents. 
During this time, the children loins have to learn from their parents to improve their capability to hunt and make a living. They must be able to listen their parents and follow.
I image if the children lions could not learn from their parents before fully capable of hunting, they could not survive eventually and they must get lost and die. Human being must be the same. If a child cannot learn from their parents or other successful people, they may act or think  impractically and eventually hard to survive.
I also recall the story about an adult cat and a baby cat fishing together. The adult cat caught good amount fish, but the baby cat did not get any. This is because the adult cat knows that the fish is good food they can rely on and he was concentrate to fishing. However, the baby cat was distracted by catching butterflies and small insects and cannot concentrate the real big food – fish. By end of the day, the baby cat did not get the food that he can eat. How successful is dependent on how big fish you can catch. If you can catch a lots or really big fishes, you can share with others to help them, then you will become very popular. If you only get a few butterflies or a few small insects, you cannot feed yourself. You have to beg from others. You cannot be popular.
Even your friends will keep away from you because they do not want you to ask money from them.
Love you
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