Always remember balance

Hi Kids,

Always remember: “BALANCE” (平衡). This applies to everything. If you do not balance you body weight, you could fall. If you cannot balance your mind, you may get crazy and unhappy, etc. If you cannot balance your budget, you cannot live well, etc.

When you feel tired, go for a rest, to get balance.
When you are depressed, think about how luck you are. Thinking good awards are waiting for you since you did good job before.
When you are too happy, thinking about, what or where you are not good yet, needing improve, thinking something you have not done well, thinking about what you need to adjust.

Always try to balance yourself, by balancing yourself, you will get maximum performance, best rewarding, best health, abundance in life, and happiness, etc. as long as your direction is right.

Love you with truth.


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