Always firmly connecting to your root

Hi Kids,

Today I spent a little time in our yard around the house. I tidy up the trees and watered some trees and plants.

I observed and thought:

Those trees and plants have strong connections to their roots are stronger and more green than those appeared yellowish that have weak links to their roots. Of course, those having strong connections to their roots must get more beautiful flowers or more fruits than those having weak connections to their roots. Those having weak connections to their root always seems floating on surface, wind can blow over easily, not firm to its destiny – straight up, etc.

I believe this phenomenon also applies to people, according to my observations to those people I have seen. The people having strong connections to their family (parents, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunt, etc.) are stronger, more confident, knowing his goal/obligation more clearly, happier, enjoy live more. In fact, simply by knowing where one’s root is or where one comes from, the one will know better where to go.

So always firmly connecting to your root (family), you will be happier, more confident, more successful, stronger, less chance to get lost in your life choice, knowing your destiny more clearly and keep going towards it more firmly.

This is why I was deeply impressed by that Colombian young man, two weeks ago in Santiago by his repeated saying “I love my family, that is my life.”  I feel that is a very good phrase. He is a very strong young man and I admire him.

Love you guys

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