Fortune Cookie Father is a Chinese-American father, scientist, and sometimes sage.

Brilliant in mathematics and physics, FCF is a man of many talents. English isn’t one of them.

Despite nearly 30 years away from the motherland, my father still struggles with the English language, but doesn’t let that stop him from crafting messages of unsolicited advice on the importance of saving money and the pursuit of eight hours of sleep.

This blog is a collection of such wisdom passed down from my father to me, and now to you.

The posts you read are real quotes and emails (strange spacing and all) from my father. Anything removed to protect the identities of people, places of employment or anything else are clearly labeled.

I can only hope that once you decipher his messages, that you will find them to be as hilarious and heartwarming as I do. It is my humble opinion that everyone could use a wise Chinese father. I recognize that mine is an especially great one and proudly share him with you.


Fortune Cookie Daughter is a television news producer in Washington, DC and part-time student at Georgetown University’s Business School. According to her father she works too hard and doesn’t eat enough vegetables. 

Comments following posts in italics are hers and not her father’s. 

Her line of work requires a solid grasp of English grammar.