Generation by generation embracing more opportunities

Hi Kids,
The God gives you the opportunity to live in this world. Then you should best utilize the opportunity and those the God has given to you to be prosperous, to be fruitful, healthy, and long lasting – generation by generation embracing more opportunities in a long run.
This is also the inspiration from your parents, your grand parents, and your grand-grand parents. This is a part of the nature. This is a part of the true love.
Love you

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This place never rain

This is restaurant my lunching. This place never rain, so roof is just no worry about leaking, only a shading

photo (3)

FCF is somewhere in Chile, enjoying his daily lunchings and staying in the shade. 

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Mandeli is a great man

I watch the Mr Mandeli’s funeral in hotel room. It is about to finish. He is a great man and respected by all over the world. I also saw his grandsons and the strange interpreter for deafs. He put his life goal big to help others who are weak. That may be one of the major reason for him to be strong, to be successful and respected. If he had put only himself as the center of his life goal, he would not achieve that big. 
So as young person, if you want to be successful you must put your life goal to be much bigger than yourself.
Love you

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Have abilities to have:
1) a good/right attitude to things you are facing;
2) a sense if what is important and what is less important;
3) a long term vision about your life and career;
4) not being affected by negative feelings, negative people, and negative obstacles;
5) being persistent to look forward;
7) strong curiosity to broad your vision and thinking, exploring new and positive aspects of your life;
8) good faith and confidence to achieve your goal;
9) step by step and persistent to your big goal.
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Be Alert/Vigilant

This morning when I log into Chase my account, I was blocked to access my accounts and I was asked to input my debt card information including snn, cvv#, mother’s maiden name, card #. I thought this is the security from the bank so I interred all. Then I log into Wellsfargo, I was asked again. I called Wellsfargo I found this is a online fraud that is some sofetware seating in my computer to collect my personal information.
I called chase and wellsfargo and stopped the cards. I also called social security Number protection credit bureaus. Then I asked IT to scan my computer to remove various. 
You guys be alert/vigilant.
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